Jason Hope and His Work With SENS

Jason Hope finds that philanthropy is something he puts a lot of focus into, and the organizations he supports came about from parts of his own life. He supports SENS because of their revolutionary methods of fighting aging. The research he supports and conducts with the SENS foundation is a testament to his desire to assist with longer and better quality of life.

In 2010, Jason hope made a generous contribution to the SENS Research Foundation of $500,000. With his and other donations, SENS was able to build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory, and they also began a new research project. Degenerative diseases are what cause some folks to age faster than they should be, because the disease is destroying their body from the inside out. SENS focuses on finding cures for these diseases. Alzheimer’s and lung diseases were examples Jason Hope used when discussing reasons for supporting what SENS does. With Alzheimer’s and diseases of the lungs, they affect more than just the mind or the lungs, but rather the whole body, causing it to break down long before its time. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

While traditional medications are made to treat these diseases after they have already started to manifest, SENS focuses on prevention of these diseases. Jason Hope believes that too much time has been spent on developing medications to treat diseases, and not enough has been focused on preventing them.

A development program the SENS Research Foundation has been working on is AGE-breaker. In order for a treatment or medication to work in the AGE-breaker program, it must be able to break down AGE’s. AGE’s are metabolic waste buildup which is harmful to the body and can lead to processes of degenerative diseases. To better explain this, older people lose the elasticity in their skin and veins, and AGE’s are related to diseases caused by the body breaking down with age like Parkinson’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s. Jason Hope doesn’t feel enough research is being done to develop more effective disease treatments, but hopes that breakthroughs and the benefits of the research being done will encourage others to donate.

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