Talos Energy Executes Stone Energy Merger During Trying Times

Talos Energy Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan is known to many for his trademark enthusiasm. A native of Egypt, Texas, Duncan spent much of his formative years bouncing back and forth between Florida and the Lone Star State due to his father’s work with an oil company. But the fast-paced speech with which Duncan communicates often cause business associates to assume he is a New Yorker. Duncan found himself a year ago in the midst of critical negotiations to execute a $2.5 billion merger with Stone Energy when the effects of Hurricane Harvey devastated the Greater Houston Area in which he lived. Duncan and his family found themselves quickly without adequate supplies and surrounded by water before making their way to the FEMA boat that transported them to safety.

Duncan was able to secure the use of a private plane owned by a friend to take his family to Alabama before returning to the Houston Area and setting up a makeshift office at the kitchen table of his parents. The deal sought by Tim Duncan and Talos was viewed by many in the energy sector to be a risky one even in the most optimal of conditions. Stone Energy was a large company in its own right and bankrupt at the time. But despite these complications, Duncan was attracted to the public status that Stone enjoyed and new that attaining this for his own company would be well worth the trouble. The merger was successfully completed the following May and Tim Duncan and Talos Energy not only were in possession of the public listing they coveted but also sported a balance sheet that showed assets of $2.3 billion offset by only $700 million in debt. The annual revenue now generated by the company Tim Duncan presides over is now $900 million.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an independently owned oil and gas company that was founded in 2012 and performs the majority of operations in the Gulf Coast region and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos employs a skilled team of managers with many years of experience in offshore exploration and production.