Freedom Checks: A Not So Popular Investment Option

The term freedom checks are virtually unknown to most Americans, and they would probably think about the term as a federal program from the United States government. That is why Matt Badiali, who is a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, decided to upload a video online that would explain what freedom checks are and how the people could get their hands on this investment. He used to work with oil and petroleum companies as a geologist, and he thought that sharing information about these type of checks would give the public a chance to invest in this program that was initiated by the Congress during the time of former President Nixon. Read this article at Money Morning.

During the Nixon Administration, the United States had a serious need for more power. Oil and petroleum companies are going back and forth the United States, leaving anytime they wanted. The president of the United States wanted to retain these companies because the country needs a lot of energy, so he urged the United States Congress to create a bill that would make the oil and petroleum companies stay. The proposal called the Statute 26-F, gives the oil and petroleum companies the ability to operate in the United States without paying for taxes, only if they follow the condition stated on the bill. The first one says that 90% to 100% of their operations should only be conducted in territories controlled by the United States. The second condition indicates that they should offer freedom checks to every American citizen who wished to invest. The oil and petroleum companies agreed to the condition, and more than 500 firms were included in the Statute 26-F. These companies formed the Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, to distinguish themselves from other oil and petroleum firms who rejected the government’s offer.

Today, they are offering freedom checks to those who wished to buy it, and each check can be purchased for as low as $50. Matt Badiali shared that those who have invested huge amounts of money with these checks are receiving thousands of dollars in their mail every month. The money sent by MLPs to those who purchased these checks can be compared to a dividend, and many who have purchased these checks are enjoying a passive income every month. Matt Badiali encouraged a lot of people to buy freedom checks from the video that he uploaded, and the MLPs are saying that there is a surge in the number of people who are inquiring and buying these checks recently.

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