How Jeffrey Aronin Helps Rekindle Hope For Persons Affected By Rare-Diseases

Most medical graduates are content with securing a position within the healthcare industry, in either a public or private facility that guarantees them a future. But Jeffrey Aronin has always sought to do something more impactful with his life and even influence more individuals. He would find the perfect method of doing just this after a short stint in the healthcare industry as a physician. After a hearty interaction with a child suffering from a rare form of seizures and recommending medication that proved effective, Jeffrey set out to find the cure for more uncommon medical conditions.


Founding research institutions


To achieve this, Jeffrey would delve deep into researching the different rare conditions manifested in America over time and assembling a team to develop treatment options. This would then prompt the founding of his first rare disease center, Ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2000. Through the use of biotechnology, the facility conducted research and developed both preventative and curative treatment options for several diseases.


It also conducted pre-clinic and clinical trials for these treatment options and furnished the Food and Drug Administration with the necessary documentation for their approval. Jeffrey Aronin would then embark on their production and commercialization. The success achieved with the institute saw it spark interest from a Danish medical research company that would also acquire it later.


Starting Paragon Biosciences


Selling Ovation pharmaceuticals didn’t signify the end of research about rare conditions and available treatment options for Jeffrey Aronin. Rather, he used the proceeds from the sale of Ovation and the experience gained therein to establish a more robust research institute, Paragon Biosciences that continued the search for the treatment for rare conditions.


He would also use some of these proceeds to help equally effective medical research facilities advance their studies or break grounds for new ones through direct investment and philanthropy. This has helped lighten up the hearts of many patients who found a cure or life-prolonging medicine from Jeffrey’s research while shining hope to numerous others. Through these facilities, Jeffrey Aronin has secured the FDA approval for over 13 treatment option for different rare conditions that have afflicted numerous Americans for ages while forcing most into early graves.