Honor to Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19

In April this year, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19 was honored and given the attribute of respect mainly out of the excellent job that he did when he serves as the professor in the criminal law. To remember him in a better way there was one of the campuses that were named after the magistrate that he worked for when he was a judge. He was accomplished with the various field in the whole profession of law, and his contributions have helped so many people as well as the institutions. The opening ceremony that conducted in one of the universities that were named after him was done by the president of this campus called Dirceu de Mellu who presented his speech.

One of the interesting that is of good to note is that when he was reading out the speech Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19 appreciated and also praised him as one of the individuals who was always ready to offer help for anything that they needed. One of the critical thing that the president of this institution praised him is that he was the man behind the construction of the auditorium. He is among the people who were served as an inspiration to many who aspired to become lawyer and others judge. He was born in the year 1958, and when he was at the age of 15 years old, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva 06/19 had already decided what he wanted to peruse in the career of law.

The year 1977 is when he began his career in law from the PUC, and after three years he graduated and was ready to entire into the field of law. After a period he made a decision to specializing, master and also the doctorate and came back to this university and taught law. It is said that the year 1983 is when he got an opportunity and joined the State Judiciary. After the great work that he did, he was promoted to a new position of the substitute judge and was made the head of the Court of Appeal judge in the year 2007. He is until today the greatest judge in this state.