Healthy Lifestyle with Dr. Dov Rand

Aging is beautiful, having a longer time to accomplish our goals is very fulfilling. However, it can be very sad when we cannot do all the things we used to do anymore. Dr. Dov Rand helps patients age gracefully through his products. He has also put into consideration the patients who are struggling with weight loss.

Obesity is among the leading challenges that all the nations in the world are facing. It is a big issue because it increases the vulnerability of the body to diseases. Weight gain has also led to the loss of self-confidence among patients. Some people have confessed that gaining weight cut their dream short because they feel embarrassed to go out there to fight for them.

Many people have come up with products, with the promises of healthy shedding of weight, but the results are not as promised. Dr. Dov Rand is a certified doctor and has invented the HCG supplement. The supplement was produced as a result of the nutritional principles that he learned. He says that the principles involve a hormone that helps the embryo stay nourished during development. The hormone is produced in the placenta. After tests were taken, they showed that it could help in ensuring that the strength of muscles and the tissue development are not affected when patients are undertaking diets to lose weight.

Dr. Dov Rand explains that the hardest moments are the first weeks of losing weight. The HCG helps the patient gets past it because they do not feel hungry despite losing weight. This makes everything easier.

Besides the supplements, Dr. Rand helps his patients develop healthy habits. It has been observed that food satisfies more than hunger in a body. For this reason, he helps his patients relearn their eating habits. This is by teaching them new habits and discarding the bad habits.

There are also specialists who analyze all the aspects of a patient’s body to help reset their metabolism. To do this, the doctor may recommend a higher intake of water, a specific diet, avoiding stress and certain exercises to help construct the right internal body structure.