Luiz Carlos Trabuco; A Legacy Worth Upholding

     Banking is one industry stigmatized for being boring and old. However, time and chance have offered the industry an opportunity to follow a global trend and open up its way to many new businesses. Alongside the fact that there are multiple technological developments including ATMs and online banking, all it takes to succeed in this industry is passion and dedication. With the two ingredients, Luiz Carlos Cappi has excelled in this industry.


Background Look

Luiz Carlos is the serving CEO of Banco Bradesco. He has been serving in this position since 2009. Also identified as Brazil’s leading entrepreneur for 2009, Trabuco has accomplished a lot when serving as a leader at this bank. Most fundamentally, it is critical to note that he joined the bank as an office clerk where his duties encompassed working with the senior managers to oversee different projects that were financial based.



Given his dedication to becoming one of the best leaders Banco Bradesco had at that moment, Luiz Carlos assumed executive leadership roles at the same tender age. While at it, his team leaders monitored his moves alongside his impact on the growth of Banco Bradesco. It was concluded that he was a visionary leader with the ability to grow the firm’s shares. From that point onward, Trabuco earned significant promotions with working as the marketing manager for finance being the most memorable in his life. Serving in that capacity, he oversaw the introduction of Banco Bradesco to the media.


Service to the Bank

Apart from that, Trabuco introduced viable working systems at the bank. With these systems, employees were in a position to monitor their input against their output at work. As such, they were empowered to work hard and accomplish their targets. In return, the bank’s value increased. In 2003, Trabuco was appointed to serve as the president of different departments within the same bank. Some of these units included Bradesco Saude as well as Bradesco Previdencia. In his tenure, he oversaw the coordination of Bradesco’s launch of shares on New York’s stock exchange list. Following his accomplishments in building Banco Bradesco, Trabuco earned more public recognition not only for his input to the growth of the bank but also his career.


The Outline

Not only is Luiz Carlos influential but also instrumental in many ways including in the bank’s recruitment department where he recently oversaw the introduction of Octavio de Lazari as the president of the bank.