The Splendid Works of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele offers general counsel to many tech companies that venture in biotechnology, internet, aerospace, and defense. He is a founder and investor of numerous companies in the hospitality industry. Mr. Hagele also invests in newly developed technology companies. Over the years, he has attained a broad experience in negotiating and closing agreements on license distribution and development of technology in the fields of telecommunications, hardware, software, and internet.

He is good at making commercial contracts that involve technology companies such as making arrangements to promote and market specific property. Previously, Michael Hagele managed legal affairs such as corporate governance, acquisition activity, and employment issues for several internet companies. He had previously served at the Fenwick and West LLP where he was part of the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He went to the University of Lowa and University of California where he graduated with a B.A and J.D respectively. Follow Michael on Instagram

During an interview with IdeaMensch, Hagele says that for one to achieve success, one must learn never to give up. He is able to attain the desired result through iteration, facing and overcoming challenges, as well as using new ideas and opportunities to handle the task at hand. As an entrepreneur, he can attain a higher level of productivity by ensuring that the needs of his customers always come first. In business, ensuring that you can meet the needs of your clients leads to excellent results. He also states that physical activity is highly essential for sharpening and recharging one’s mind. As much as your schedule may be tight, sparing some few minutes to move a bit works wonders. For Mr. Michael Hagele, he goes on road and mountain bikes as this stimulates his energy, making him more creative.

Michael Hagele claims that social media is an important platform for growing one’s business. It makes it easier to connect with customers from different areas. He says that he does not overuse it but puts it to use to create dialogue with clients who are inquiring about the products and services they provide. Michael says that he has learned that working with people who are invested in the success of the company brings about success. Equity participation is vital in ensuring the progressive success of an enterprise. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting: