Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto – Fighting for Favourable HealthCare

InnovaCare Health is well-renowned in Puerto Rico for its leading command on matters about managed healthcare services. It offers physical and also referrals and specialized care services and its run the island most significant Medicare Advantage health plans and after the Hurricane Maria, the Clinic has offered the Puerto Ricans the care and counsel they needed.


Dr. Rick Shinto is the InnovaCare Health Chief Executive officer and the president. And he has over 20 years of clinical and also operational experiences dealing with managed care. He worked at MMM healthcare and Aventa Inc before joining InnovaCare, and he also serves as the board director of InnovaCare Health. According to Rick Shinto, the company started running various mobile clinics after the storm, and it has over 30 in strategic locations all over the Island. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrator Officer of MMM InnovaCare, and she has vast experiences dealing with the government managed care programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Penelope has years of expertise and broad skills in developing various clinical applications, processes, health care operations and organizational infrastructure. She joined InnovaCare Health in June 2015, and before that she worked in different companies operating in executive roles.


InnovaCare Health has the role of providing a managed care, and it controls the PMC Medicare choice with over 200,000 members and serving an extensive network of providers. It controls the MMM healthcare located in Puerto Rico. After the reopening of the Plazas, Las Americas located in San Juan the InnovaCare Health started a Recargate clinic to offer educational workshops and seminars promoting wellness. It also provides regular exercise classes, behavior health dealing with mental health screening and occasional counsel coping with anxiety, depression, and grief.


Orlando González, the president of MMM, emphasized the need for giving the people of the island-specific healthcare needs like drugs management and diseases prevention. Urban Institute reported in 2017 that diabetes and heart diseases are the leading causes of Puerto Ricans Death and hence the need to have a place to recharge both emotionally and physically according to Gonzalez. The InnovaCare Health has also donated drugs and foods, and strategic centers have their employees who offer various services.


Penelope Kokkinides recently joined eight women invited to White House to meet President Donald Trump and talk about matters of the federal health care legislation. Penelope spoke on the need to increase the funding of Puerto Rico Medicare Advantage. After discussion with the Seema Verma the CMS Administrator and President Trump, Penelope left with favorable adjustments to the healthcare systems of Puerto Ricans.