U.S. Money Reserve provides hedge against fiat collapse

U.S. Reserve is the single largest distributor of sovereign-issue, limited-mintage gold, silver and platinum coins. The company was founded by Philip N. Diehl, the 35th director of the U.S. Mint.

Over the last decade, U.S. Reserve has helped to restore the reputation of the precious coin industry while also enabling Americans from all walks of life to use some of the same hedging strategies employed by the global rich and powerful to ensure against devastating loss in the event of a currency crisis.

Americans are sitting ducks

The United States enjoyed a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity after the end of World War II. The Baby Boomer generation represented the largest demographic explosion in U.S. history. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Facebook

And as they grew up, the U.S. economy grew with them, eventually reaching all-time-high living standards for the average person sometime around the mid-1970s.

However, for the last 30-plus years, things have not been looking as bright in America. Today, the Millennial generation is hardly able to move out of their parents’ basement. Marriage rates are plummeting and the surplus production that married men produce is plunging with them.

Demographics are changing rapidly. It is expected that by 2050, there will be less than two workers for every person collecting Social Security whereas the ratio in the 1950s was around 10:1.

At the same time, U.S. mandatory entitlement spending has been spiraling out of control, and interest rates are poised to continue rising as tax revenues are projected by many sources to begin an inexorable decline.

All of these things point to one end and one end alone: The U.S. government will eventually have no choice but to start running its printing presses red hot. The result will be Venezuela-style hyperinflation.

Any American caught holding U.S. dollars, once this process kicks off, will be facing potential ruin. There are only two real hedges against the menaces unleashed by true hyperinflation. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve/

The first is to offshore your entire financial existence. For most Americans with net worths under $1 million and friends and family in the States, this option is probably out of reach.

The other option is the physical possession of gold, silver or platinum coins. From the Roman Empire to Zimbabwe to Venezuela, history shows that those who physically hold precious metals are best able to weather financial catastrophes intact.

Contact U.S. Money Reserve today. They can help keep you and your family safe when financial crisis strikes.