Ryan Seacrest: A Shining Example

Every man has a story. No matter who you are or where you come from you have a story. Some are tragic and sad, and some are glorious and happy. The way we can improve stories is to learn from other’s and apply the lessons they have learned to our lives. That way we acquire knowledge that we didn’t necessarily have to earn through a trial or tribulation. One man that we can pay attention to and learn from is Ryan Seacrest. This man has accomplished so much in a short time that it would be wise to tune it to his story.

Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta Georgia on December 24, 1974. From an early age he was chomping at the bit to work. His mother once said that as a child he walked around with a microphone all the time instead of conventional toys like other children. He attended Dunwoody high and while there he started trying to work in the radio world. He won an internship at 16 years old to get trained by To Sullivan to work in radio. This was one of his passions and he got pretty good at it. Eventually Seacrest had to leave for college and started pursuing a college degree in journalism. However, this was short-lived, and he left at the age of 19 for Hollywood. Ryan took a bold risk and it paid off for him

The tv host and fashion icon who started his own clothing line, hosted may different tv shows and he eventually landed the role as host of American Idol. This was his golden ticket and catapulted him stardom. In 2004 he started hosting a radio show in Los Angeles for the ids in the area. Seacrest know had the star power to make many different moves and he did so as he started being a producer of several television shows. That wasn’t his only move because he eventually started his own Foundation called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, to help youth in need. He wanted to make a big impact on future youths and he did so by creating media platforms for young people to learn radio, television, and many other media arts. He never forgot where he came from and has to this day remained successful. Ryan Seacrest’s story is one that shows us a great blueprint to stardom. To know the latest news about him, like his page @ryanseacrest on Facebook.