The Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery in California – Dr. Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is a qualified plastic surgeon who graduated from the John Hopkins University and the Harvard University. He is a board-certified doctor by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Besides, the doctor is again board certified by San Diego and La Jolla Based Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Mofid’s areas of specialization include providing both reconstructive and aesthetical procedures while maintaining the natural look. Better still, the doctor who hails from San Diego, California is also a visionary individual who has been an innovator in the medical sector.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a reputable doctor who is known in the field of gluteal augmentation for his safe practices in his procedures. The doctor ensures safety before anything else even when some patients are willing to give more money to get larger implants. He is a dedicated doctor who engages in thorough research and innovation in a quest to improve the quality of healthcare. He further uses an approach to science so as to have a better understanding of the human body fat, skin, and muscles. What’s more, Dr. Mark Mofid has been in the forefront of reinventing the sector of the gluteal augmentation for the last eight years.

Furthermore, through his research, Dr. Mark Mofid improved the current gluteal implant which was previously bound to sag. This was due to its incompatibility with the muscle of the human body while the implants were also widely generic. Moreover, the doctor designed a much superior gluteal implant which has an improved intramuscular positioning. Also, some of the other areas that the doctor focuses on include the facial reconstructive surgery, skin removal due to cancer, and the breast reconstruction surgery.

About Dr. Mofid’s Practice

Dr., Mark Mofid’s practice is based at La Jolla/UTC area in San Diego County. The premise includes AAAASF/Medicare which is an accredited center for surgery besides having a full-time nurse, the plastic surgeon who is Dr. Mofid, and a dermatologist. What’s more, the clinic which just started on an area space of 850 square foot now has thousands of patients who stream in annually. Its main services include the dermatologic services, reconstructive plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Equally important, the clinic also offers services for vein treatment and hair removal where they use the Cutera Laser.