Rocketship Education Serves to Clinch the Rift in Achievements for Underserved Students

Another evaluation that most Nashville public schools are using to track student progress now – the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) – gives results of individual student growth over the past year. Lasy year, Tennessee schools discovered their academic improvement levels. Proficiency is vital, but it only tells us if a student is on grade level at a specific point in time. Growth scores, which are also called “value-added” scores, tell us how much a student is learning over a period of time, regardless where they’re starting from.

Proficiency is an equal point for everyone to reach, and growth is in relation to the individuals progress over time.

Rocketship Education Public Schools has been using MAP since they first opened the schools and they praise Metro Nashville Public Schools for implementing the MAP assessment across the state. Monitoring growth is especially meaningful for pupils of economically disadvantaged environments. In Nashville, where the bulk of community students are economically underserved, there’s a performance gap for all material inquired. A sound school will connect the gap and level the terrain for every student. A group at Rocketship United Academy, where 70 percent of pupils are disadvantaged economically, show that early experiences don’t limit potential.

Previously, 146 of our Rocketeers began behind and finished at or exceeding class level. This is 146 achievement gaps clinched in merely a year. Rocketeers advanced on average 1.35 years in math and 1.2 years in reading just last year. Obtaining this type of progress entails effective schooling which requires monitoring student education with a benchmark appraisal tool, similar to MAP. The benefit is being able to course correct along the way. Paying attention to where your child is headed, and not just where he’s at right now will help you be a stronger advocate for his learning and long-term success.

Established in 2006 as a charitable system of public charter schools helping disadvantaged districts nationally, Rocketship is a philanthropic enterprise whose purpose is to reduce the performance rift by creating a scalable and sustainable class design that drives student accomplishment in underserved areas across the nation.