The Oxford Club – What We Do and Who We Are

The Beginning Of The Oxford Club

In the beginning the Oxford Club was known as the Passport Club. The club is a group of investors that focus on finding and sharing financial opportunities. The club members and founders believe in finding opportunities in their early stages, in order to truly make a sizable profit turn-around. In addition, the founders felt that mainstream press and Wall Street were great for finding out financial opportunities; but research and outside connections were better.

After establishing the club, the members decided to rename it Oxford Club. The global network of investors and entrepreneurs use strategic plans that have been tested, work, and continue to be proven. The club members are by invitation, so the club is private. Members are privy to the club’s recommendations for equities, real estate and more. Since its creation, the club’s strategies have outperformed the typical investment strategies. Therefore, the members are experiencing wealth above and beyond that has enriched their lives.

How Oxford Club Works Hard for its Members

Holding the reigns for the Oxford Club is CEO Julia Guth; along with her she has talented publishing, editorial, and research team. The editorial team is lead by CIS Alexander Green and AID Marc Lichtenfeld; both respected individuals in their career fields. In addition, the club also has a customer service and operations team set to go beyond their duty. Also a sales and marketing team to get the word out via their published newsletters.

The Oxford Club members are notably in three categories of membership. The Premier Membership are subscribed members that in the first level; sort of an introductory level. This level of paid membership is renewed yearly. Members at this level have access to specific club newsletter and other benefits.

The Director’s Circle memberships are members for life. This level typically has members that are investors and entrepreneurs; that believe in the club and wants to make sure it is a continuous success. In return these members have access to all of the club’s publications and can endorse family members as club members on the Director’s Circle level. This level is right below the Chairman’s Circle membership.

The Chairman’s Circle memberships are the highest level offered by the club. Along with being a member of this level, privileges are on the highest level. The members receive special access on the club’s website. Membership at this level is lifelong and has full access to all newsletter publications. Follow @The_Oxford_Club on Twitter.