Ryan Seacrest Had A Dream To Fulfill

When the name, Ryan Seacrest, is mentioned, people automatically think of the handsome, spirited host of the long running competition show American Idol. Since the advent of the show in 2002, Ryan has emerged into a much larger scope. His vision as a child has finally been realized, but he is not finished yet. Today, Ryan is a busy man with many accolades to his credit. His endeavors span a wide range of activities as he has become one of the most sought after celebrities in America, and possibly abroad. Some of his work has taken him out of the country.

Ryan Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was one of those kids who was teased because he was fat, and wore braces and glasses. This did not deter him from his dream of being in radio. He attended the University of Georgia, where he started to build his broadcasting career. His first real radio show was with an Atlanta radio station. His vision was actually coming to life. Ryan moved across country to Los Angeles in 1990 where he launched an afternoon radio broadcast. He was inspired by the works of Casey Kasem, Dick Clark, and Rick Dees.

Ryan has since become a television show host, a producer, an entrepreneur, and an events host. He has a fashion line of men’s clothing where he is partnered with Macy’s. One of his most beloved achievements is The Ryan Seacrest foundation. This is a non profit organization that is dedicated to inspiring youth through education and entertainment. He is focused on generating Seacrest Studio Centers inside children’s hospitals to allow children to explore the creative side of television, the news media and radio.

Ryan’s mission is to promote the healing process of children, and their families while in the hospital. His hope is to develop the centers, and bring an uplifting spirit to the hospital, the patients, and the community. The studio centers would also enable journalism students from the local school to get first hand experience in the business by doing internships or volunteering to help.