Alex Pall: From Hobby to Blow-Out DJ

When Alex Pall started his music career it was nothing more than just a simple hobby. Dance music was becoming a way of life for him. His introduction to Drew was from the current manager he has now. When he decided to take the big leap in his DJ career and get serious, he quit his job and moved out of Maine. When he met Drew they both knew they had merging talents that would be a success and we’re extremely ambitious. Each had a good eye for what was happening in the DJ game and knew how to navigate it.

Soon they embarked on a daily work schedule from 9 to 7 hammering out music, building their brand and working every single day. Alex and Drew have had such hit songs as #Selfie, and Closer to name a few. He states he has been singing and writing his own songs for quite some time. In the future, the DJ duo, known as The Chainsmokers, looks to doing a lot more in terms of giving the fans what they want and creating spectacular shows everyone can enjoy.

Alex further states that they pay attention to the type of fans that they have. They often analyze their social media platforms to see exactly where the fans are coming from. He states this is a very humbling moment because they care about their fans so much and want them to enjoy their music. It’s often they are constantly re-examining themselves and making sure they are staying true to their brand and themselves. Alex sees their shows spreading farther out across the world and becoming bigger than ever. He says for him and drew pushing boundaries is what it’s all about and more importantly, giving an audience an entirely new experience each time they hear their music.