David McDonald Leads OSI Group to New Heights of Growth

David McDonald has been an integral part of the successful growth mindset that has been in play for decades at global food processor OSI Group. He has served with the company for three decades now and is currently their President. They are one of the largest privately held companies in this industry and they continue their solid patterns of growth to this day.

In a recent interview with CEOCFO magazine, McDonald spoke of the entrepreneurial bent that drives OSI Group and how it is suffused throughout the company. It is perhaps best revealed in how the company goes above and beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of their customers. He highlights that creativity is often at the core of this process and it also reveals a lack of stodgy corporate thinking, and learn more about David McDonald.

David McDonald also spoke of the company’s decision-making structure and it is based on locality. Different regions and product categories have local management teams in place that are fully clued into the pulse of their areas. These concepts are married to the tremendous global scale that OSI Group can bring to bear. OSI’s deep pool of resources can be the difference between success and failure with much more of the former being accomplished, and his Linkedin.

Sustainability is a core value for David McDonald and OSI Group and their numerous accolades and awards illustrate this. This involves positive interactions with the people, communities and local environments that the company comes into contact with. OSI Group has demonstrated an ability to thrive despite the strictest standards as revealed by their California Green Business Award that went to their Riverside facility.

OSI Group is known for the family-like atmosphere within the company and David McDonald has been a part of this. He has spoken of the fact that their workers and customers are viewed as family throughout the company and this contributes to healthy relationships across the strata of the business, and more information click here.

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