What Our Drone Detection System Means For Your Safety.

Drugs, cell phones, weapons and other contraband are not allowed in jails. Cell phones and weapons can be used to commit murder inside and outside jails.

Other than murder, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and money laundering are some crimes that inmates commit with the help of technology.

As Securus Technologies, we work with correctional facilities to make our jails more secure. If the jail cell is secure, the inmates will undergo behavior correction. This will make interns better people in the society.

This is also a good thing for you because safer jails contribute to safety within your neighborhood.

Securus Technologies have a professional team of staff members who are dedicated to crime prevention and your safety. They help prevent crime inside and outside jails by developing a technological solution for crime each week.

Our strong partnerships with law enforcement agencies place us in a better position to serve you better.

These partnerships give us firsthand experience of the challenges they go through in making the country a safer place.

We then use these challenges to come up with a befitting solution. Over the years, we have grown in both expertise and experience, which enables us to serve over 1,200,000 inmates and more than 3500 law enforcement agencies.

The technology infused into drones is becoming more advanced over the years. Initially, the drones, which are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), had to be operated by a human pilot within the signal range via a computer.

Recent models do not require constant human intervention due to the presence of autonomous onboard computers.

Research and investment into drone technology have revolutionized their applications. Drones are now used for commercial transport, scientific research, recreation, surveillance, photography, and agriculture.

Like any other technology, drones are susceptible to manipulation and misuse by criminals.

The availability of autonomous controls makes them a favorite choice for smugglers. Some drones can be controlled by some mobile phone miles away. They are made from a light material, which makes them portable and easy to control once airborne.

Drones are equipped with a fail-safe function that allows them to return to a pre-programmed specific location in case communication signal between the controller and the device is lost.

At Securus, we work directly with correctional facilities to prevent crimes inside the jail. To prevent this, we developed a program that uses technology to block the use of drones in correctional facilities.

But before we fully commission this system, we have to test the system to ensure it will be an effective system.