Jed McCaleb Is The Innovative Co-Founder Of The Blockchain Technology Company Stellar

Jed McCaleb is a well-known expert on blockchain cryptocurrency and also a programmer from the United States that has been recognized for his help with Mt. Gox; the original global bitcoin exchange. He was also a part of eDonkey, which was an early decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing network. Now, McCaleb is working on his latest venture, which is Stellar, and he is partnering up with Joyce Kim to make it a success. He serves the company as its technical development leader and co-founder, and a lot of his work has to do with coding. Besides his technical work with the company, he also helps out with some of the customer service aspects of the business.


Jed McCaleb came up with the idea for Stellar after he thought deeper about the technology behind bitcoin and how it could be used to solve other issues. What he realized was that financial institutions could benefit from the use of blockchain technology, and he started to work on creating a way to put together a financial network that was open-source. One of the biggest goals of Stellar is to help people who do not have bank accounts to have access to one. Most of these people are low-income customers who have a hard time finding a bank that will work with them. What keeps banks from working with low-income people is the fact that their are maintenance upkeep costs and high fees on transferring money. By connecting financial institutions together, these costs will be negligible, and this will allow banks to serve low-income customers.


Jed McCaleb has worked hard to keep Stellar updated and easy for the average person to comprehend. It has also been made secure by using the Stellar Consensus Protocol, and it has been made to scale on an international level. Stellar is also run by a community of people that are not part of Stellar, which helps to keep it safe. This is different from the way that many other companies or ventures run, and he expects it to keep it current and valuable. Looking into the future, Jed McCaleb expects that Artificial Intelligence will play a large role in solving many of the issues that blockchain technology currently faces.

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