Gregory Aziz: How One Man Grew National Steel Car Into The Entity It Is Today

Gregory James Aziz first joined National Steel Car in 1994 after a highly successful career at an investment firm in New York City. He came to the firm in New York after working for his family company, Affiliated Foods, for over ten years. In both his roles in the investment world and the business development world of Affiliated Foods, Gregory J. Aziz was known for his skills in business growth and for leadership.


In his role at Affiliated Foods, Greg J. Aziz worked extremely hard to expand the company from a regional business to a worldwide distributor of fresh foods. The company formerly worked only regionally in Eastern Canada. Gregory Aziz joined the company after graduating college from the University of Ontario, where he majored in Economics. Once he joined Affiliated Foods, Gregory Aziz grew the company from a regional business to a company that did business in Europe, South America, Central America, the United States and Canada. The company also not only imported, but became the largest exporter of healthy, fresh foods throughout all of Canada and the United States.


After growing Affiliated Foods into an international company, Gregory Aziz moved to the world of investment banking. It was there that he continued to grow his leadership role in the big world of investment banking in New York City. At his investment firm he met with the leadership team of National Steel Car through the purchase of the company. That purchase meant a great deal to National Steel Car, as it finally made the company the largest manufacturer of steel railway freight cars in all of North America. Refer to This Article for more information.


He has held many leadership titles at National Steel Car, but today he holds the prominent titles of President, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer. Through his leadership at National Steel Car, Aziz has achieved a massive amount of growth for the company. To start, he has grown the employee base from a mere six hundred to over two thousand people. That growth was huge for the company and for the town of Hamilton, which also expanded rapidly during Aziz’s first several years with National Steel Car. In addition to employee growth, he also heavily expanded the manufacturing sector of National Steel Car. The company went from making just over one thousand cars each year to over twelve thousand cars annually. The company continues to grow, and it will be exciting to keep up with the progress in 2018 and beyond.