New Ways Of Transacting

The last major financial cycle that catapulted our country forward, and helped us efficaciously ride the crest of hegemony, was experienced by millions, but one wonders who, of those experiencing it, actually saw it coming. Today, with cryptocurrencies all the rage, and technological advancements progressing at the speed of light, the next industrial revolution seems to be upon us, as well as the entire world. Those who have degrees from the venerated Massachusetts of Technology (MIT), and who have a great understanding of all things scientific, are clearly going to disproportionately benefit from these changes. Amongst those with degrees in science, some are very talented indeed.

Malcolm Casselle is likely one of those total standouts. Educated at MIT, and Stanford University, he is particularly blessed with a great mind to understand and comprehend matters that most of us can barely wrap our minds around. He is a major investor in Facebook and Zynga, but that is not where his interests stop. He is a builder of teams, companies, products and now, under the aegis of his company, “Wax,” he can virtually trade all of his interests. Wax has near-unfathomably raised over $40 million in crypto “tokens,” which are a way to design open networks that grew out of cryptocurrency. These are created over an “initial coin offering (ICO).”

Tokens are considered revolutionary as they create an open, decentralized network as well as offer news ways to incentivize all participants in an open network. Malcolm Casselle created WAX, which has its own tokens and is all about virtual trade. Mr. Casselle is also CIO of Opskins, which is a top leader in buying and selling items from online games. His two main business interest it is likely collectively represent the new frontier of buying, selling and investing in what will become the future greeting us, and learn more about Malcolm Casselle.

In retrospect, when we speak of Malcolm Casselle and what he was beginning with WAX and Opskins is like watching the beginning of Amazon. No one knew where Amazon was going, or how it would become fundamental to our existentialism, yet here we are, and these 2 companies are likely going to become a part of the new movement that are collectively creating a new Amazon-like push toward transacting differently than we ever have. Paper currencies are so over! and