The Philanthropic Endeavors Of George Soros

It is only fair to give back to the society in whichever manner you see it fit. Most business people have taken up the responsibility of developing communities in which their businesses operate. Others have gone a step further to analyze the society, identify their needs of the people, and volunteer to sponsor them. A perfect example is the renowned mogul George Soros, and read full article.

George Soros is a selfless businessman who has the knack of aiding others. In an effort to support his charitable cause, George donated $18 billion from his family account, the Soros Fund Management, into his philanthropic organization. His noble action transformed the Open Society Foundation and set it apart as one of the largest charitable institutions in the world. Besides, he gladly gave over 80% of his fortune to assist the less fortunate in the community.

According to Forbes, Soros was ranked the 20th richest man in the United States before this charitable move. Surprisingly, these rankings did not deter him from sharing his wealth, and after giving, he was only left with an estimated net worth of $8 billion that saw his ranking drop down the ladder to the 59th richest American, and George’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros philanthropic efforts have helped make the world a better place. In the words of Laura Silber, the Chief Communications Officer at Open Society Foundation, George’s giving actions impacted not only the external world but also the foundation internally. Unlike in the past, its activities will be more diverse and will reach out to the needs of people around the world. She claims that through this donation, the foundation is in a better position to support justice, democratic practices, and human rights globally.

George Soros has funded an array of charitable programs around the world through the Open Society Foundation. For starters, he has largely contributed to both the public health sector and the refugee relief. The foundation is particularly vibrant in fostering the rights of immigrants, financing liberal causes, not forgetting the Roma children in the European countries, and

Soros’ heart beats for noble causes through his philanthropy. He has spanned a significantly successful career in his hedge fund business, which he started back in 1969 in New York. Over time, his business has developed into a formidable player in the American financial industry. Besides, he is not new to the Forbes list since he first appeared over three decades ago on the Forbes 400 list with a net worth of $300 million and more. Needless to say, he has never missed out ever since. However, as old age creeps in, he has been more involved in charity than in its management.

George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, had quite a tough history. At the mention of his name, you would probably think that he was born into a rich family. However, this is not the case. George was born of Jewish parents who were under the Nazi rule at the time. He narrowly escaped and survived World War II and resolved to move to London where he studied and earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Philosophy from the London School of Economics. His journey to success was full of stumbling blocks, but his breakthrough came when he ventured into the hedge fund sector, and