George Soros Strenghtening the Presence of the Open Society Foundation in the US

George Soros is famous for his work and dedication to his organization called the Open Society Foundation. The group operates globally, and it supports a vast number of charities and other non-profit foundations working to protect and help people in all parts of the world.George Soros certainly keeps busy with his Open Society Foundation as the hedge fund manager has been funding the operation of the foundation from his personal bank account. George Soros transfers his wealth for the work of the Open Society Foundation on a regular basis.After he reached a collective donation tier of $18 billion, Goerge Soros did the largest wealth transfer that a single foundation has ever received from a private donor. The achievement was announced in October earlier this year. The transfers have been made quietly and without creating publicity, and the total sum of his donations was published only after the massive amount had been reached.

The Open Society Foundation has been the second most abundant philanthropic organization in the United States of America for years, only led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Open Society Foundation was created more than 30 years ago by George Soros. The purpose of the global organization is to promote human rights and democracy, which it is currently doing in more than 120 countries.During the presidential elections of 2016, George Soros started optimizing the activities of the Open Society Foundation in the United States of America. The candidacy of Donald Trump had Georg Soros returning to the political scene and joined the political campaign of Hilary Clinton and personally donated $10 million to it. His goal was to prevent Trump from acquiring the presidential power as it was clear to him how much damage Trump would do if he managed to slither his way into the White House.

As it turns out, George Soros had been on the right track all along. The first thing that Donald Trump has done is stepping into conflict with about a dozen powerful countries, angering the leaders of other nations and having North Korea talk about nuclear war and all that in his first few months. In his most recent transgressions, Trump decided it would be perfect to give rise to corruption in politics which would make the rich even richer. Not to mention that he is working towards creating a crisis in the GDP and in the education sector. On top of all that Trump is directing the money meant for sick children to corporations so bank accounts can grow fatter for the expense of American children with terminal illnesses. Somehow everything that Trump has done so far leads to gaining more money and hurting more innocent people.In order to try and combat the terror, George Soros vowed to strengthen the presence of the Open Society Foundation in the United States of America and protect innocent people from the dictatorship. George Soros stands for minorities such as the ill children that are losing a chance at recovery, s well as immigrants, members of the LGBT community, and anyone who needs protection from a horrid reign.