WAX President Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle graduated from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He is currently the President of a virtual item marketplace known as Worldwide Asset eXchange, which allows video gamers to trade digital items using the system’s tokens. This type of platform gives collectors of virtual items, and what is known as skins, access to a great deal of inventory. Since skins are considered to be rare, they hold more value to collectors.


Before Malcolm CasSelle became a part of WAX, he was an early investor in several companies, which includes social media website Facebook and Zynga. He also recently started investing in companies that deal with Bitcoin currency. He was the director of a company that’s based out of Hong Kong called Capital Union investments, as well as the CEO of a social network for video gamers called Xfire, which had over 20 million users. He worked as Senior Vice President and Manager of a company he joined in 2015 named Digital Media of Sea Exchange International.


In addition to being the president of WAX, he has been the President and Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, of a business known as tronc, inc., which was formerly called Tribune Publishing. The name tronc, is written in lowercase letters, and is a shortened term meaning Tribune online content. With the WAX venture, he and his team have managed to create a decentralized platform that makes it a lot easier for users to build their own virtual item marketplace without having to deal with going through the process of setting up an e-commerce website. Since around 400 million video gamers all over the world spend more than $50 million every year on trading game assets, WAX enables them to make exchanges quicker and more conveniently.


Malcolm CasSelle, who also serves as the Chief Digital Information Officer of OPSkins. was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1970. He has written a number of posts on social media sites regarding his innovative cryptocurrency ventures. He is fluent at speaking the Japanese and Mandarin languages.