Karl Heideck Explains How to Comply With the New Pennsylvania Cars Seat Laws

Over the years, the commonwealth legislators have been concentrating their efforts on laws that protect children on the road. Recent reports from AAA shows that lack of proper protective measures has led to a loss of lives, especially among babies and small children. A report that was previously conducted shows that between 2010 and 2014, kids who died in car crashes were not restrained or were improperly restrained. Karl Heideck, in one of his articles, elaborates the importance of new car seat safety laws and ways a driver can ensure compliance.

The newest car seat law in Pennsylvania took effect in 2016 mandating that all children under that age of two must be secured in a car’s seat facing towards the car rear. According to researchers, facing towards the back of the vehicle, protect the child’s delicate parts such as the spine, head, and bones. Since the laws were established, drivers have been receiving warnings for the last one year, but police will now be issuing fines and citation. The current law for not following the law is $125 or $75, for violating the booster seat law.

Karl Heideckhas encouraged parents to review the laws and ensure that they are compliant, but most importantly, they have protected their child from unexpected situations on the road. Car companies have already issued recalls since most cars that are over five years old are not compliant with these standards. However, to ensure compliance, parents will have to purchase new car seat since the old ones compromise the ability to protect the child even when facing towards, the rear of the car. Parents should consult the IIHS list of the car’s seats that are the safest. Several inspection sites are all over, and parents can use them to make sure that seat fits their children manufacturer’s weight and height requirements.https://gazetteday.com/2017/08/new-car-seat-law-goes-in-effect-in-pennsylvania-karl-heideck-explains/

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