Fabletics Driving the Market Forward

Marketing and the business environment, in general, have changed in the last five to ten years. The rise of the internet changed the way people see companies, and it is now more important than ever to stay on the top of the game. The internet and the accessibility of it changed the way people shop. Innovation in the ease of shopping online is an encouragement for businesses to stay up to date with current state of affairs. The modern customer is smart and sophisticated. People know what they want, and they know it better than ever before. They share their opinion online, and companies find it more necessary to measure the performance statistics to see which areas the company needs to improve. Companies such as Fabletics find themselves becoming the market leaders because they pay attention to such things.


Fabletics was created because there was demand for sportswear that was functional, made from quality materials and also looked good. Before that, if it was good – it was costly. The more affordable options were either shapeless, didn’t look well or the durability was not high enough. Women also didn’t have size options available because the clothes were made after the ‘’one size fits all’’ formula. Fabletics realized that there is a niche unfulfilled by well-known brands and they jumped right in.


Involving celebrities such as Kate Hudson attracted the attention of the new customer base they wanted to engage and keep. She was very involved from the start even without working in business before. This involvement and dedication inspired others to work twice as hard to get the company off the ground and send a clear message out to their customers. Fabletics is all about affordable, fun sportswear people want to purchase and not break the bank while doing so.


The feedback was positive, and good reviews keep coming in, making Fabletics the market drivers. People share their opinions online, and others tend to read more reviews than ever. Positive customer reviews are more important for companies than ever before, so every little detail people are looking for should be covered by the enterprise. This way the reports will generate even more interest, and the customer base will grow.


Fabletics created an online store that is easy and fun to use as well. It offers people a life quiz which allows people to ease into the shopping and offers options for their level of activity and lifestyle in general. There are several combinations and, of course, clients can still pick something entirely different. However, it gives them something to think about and consider. It is helpful if people don’t know what they are looking for. People enjoy secure online shopping. That is the reasons they choose to shop online rather than go to an actual store. It allows them to pick and mix different parts of the outfit and makes it easier to avoid big crowds in small spaces.


Companies like Fabletics pay a lot of attention to their online shop and improve it based on customer feedback which is very important.