How You Can Build Up An Investment Portfolio Like Paul Mampilly

     Investing the right way takes some intuition and even a little trial and error, but anyone can do it if they’re willing to do it the right way. A man who you should look at for learning how to invest is Paul Mampilly, a former investment banker who’s now an independent consultant and newsletter author. Mampilly spends much of his time looking at stocks and breaking down how to invest in them for novice investors. Mampilly’s newsletters explain investing in common terms.

Mampilly says part of building an investment portfolio is looking at which companies’ stocks have great potential for growth. Mampilly has found several stocks over the years that turned out to be major booms as their companies grew. He also says investors should look at what millennial consumers are buying because they can influence how stock prices can turn out.

Paul Mampilly had said in an interview that if he were to do everything all over again, he would probably have learned how to invest on his own. Nevertheless, he was able to get a formal education after immigrating to the US from India. He received his bachelor’s from Montclair State University and his MBA from Fordham. He first started catching onto investing while working for Deutsche Bank, and then took it further as he moved on to ING Bank, Sears, Banker’s Trust and a private Swiss bank.

Paul Mampilly also became an advisor for a big hedge fund company known as Kinetics International Fund. He grew the AUM in their portfolio to $25 billion and brought annual returns of over 20%. As he became an expert at finding the right investments, the Templeton Foundation took notice and asked him to join their competition. It was here that Mampilly made a $50 million investment grow to $88 million in one year, and even more interestingly during the time of recession in 2008. Not long after this, Mampilly went independent and decided he could help the people on Main Street grasp the concepts of investing through his “Profits Unlimited” and “Extreme Fortunes” newsletters.