How Betsy DeVos Forever Redefined Michigan’s Political and Social Arenas

Charismatic leaders like Betsy DeVos are indeed a rare breed these days. It’s almost a near-impossibility to find a billionaire politician with a genuine penchant for touching the lives of the less fortunate in the communities. Betsy DeVos is a transcended personal who’s devoted her entire life to fighting for the things she truly believes in. For over 40 years, the staunch political and social rights activist played a significant role in advocating for reforms in the private and chartered schools in the US. Her unrelenting endeavor culminated in her nomination to the Trump administration as the country’s 11th Secretary of Education.


Critics Abound


Betsy DeVos’ appointment to the powerful cabinet position sparked outrage and criticism from some quarters. The critics wanted the iron reformer, as she’s referred in DC, to fess up and come clean about her grandiose philanthropic activities. For decades, the DeVoses have stood accused of using their global philanthropy agenda to cleverly avoid paying taxes. That unfounded rumor was, however, dispelled and finally put to rest when the Michigan political maestros filed all their tax returns, in line with the transparency agenda.


Unending Generosity


The lifetime in charitable contributions by the DeVos dynasty is rivaled by very few American families today. Giving back comes as second nature to these people. Their generosity begins with the patriarch of the family and the founder of Amway, Richard DeVos. Together, the couple oversees the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The family continues to shape and redefine the social and political landscape not just in their home state, Michigan, but all over the American map. The family foundation working in cahoots with its subsidiaries like the Alliance for School Choice and the Seventy Four group currently supports needy children in far-flung states like Florida, Chicago, and Texas.



Who Benefits?


In 2015, this organization funded Republican politicians to a tune of $5M. That amount pales in comparison with the around $12M given away to humanitarian courses. The Spectrum Health Foundation is one of the main beneficiaries of the kindness of the DeVos dynasty. Dick and the wife spend the equivalent of a small fortune to bring in the world’s leading cancer researchers.


Before making any vital charity decisions and spending, the DeVoses are said to consult with their kids. Perhaps, that is the parents’ subtle way of passing on the noble trait to the next generation of billionaires. The children are rumored to have pushed their parents to make a one million dollar donation to the Willow Creek mega church. Once the entire family commits to a charitable course or reformist agenda, they never look back. For instance, the Potters Christian House is a private school in West Michigan. Dick and Betsy DeVos have maintained a strong relationship with the school for the last 30 years.


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