Daniel Mark Harrison Predicted the Rise of the Bitcoin in 2014

In case you have been avoiding the news because of the potential of hearing about more of the unrest going on in the world, you have been some incredible news about the newest and most profitable currency on the market. ICOs, technically known as “initial coin offerings,” are the biggest thing since sliced bread. The latest red-hot ICO, and the one that experts are billing as a possible catalyst for the spectacle to mature into a serious marketplace of its own is leaned a little more towards the quantitative side things — it is a decentralized hedge fund, named Monkey Capital.

What is most striking about Monkey Capital and sets the firm apart from the crowd is the investment expertise and impressive credentials of the management group. For once, this can be really a crypto offering worthy of something which may fill a public business boardroom.

Like any large event, Monkey Capital’s ICO appears to be showing us in some manner how fund can be exceptionally profitable and equally engaging. Buyers if you are in the market for an exciting opportunity managed by incredibly talented individuals you will have an opportunity to subscribe to Monkey (MNY).

Daniel Mark Harrison, one of the masterminds behind Money Capital, led the North of England’s largest property development company based in Singapore and Manchester prior to concurring the ICO market. In 2014, Mr. Harrison predicted that Bitcoin would hit $2400 in 2017. The currency exceeded his predictions by 43%.

While a number of investors believe that cryptocurrencies are facing a future bubble, Harrison strongly believes that given the market-influencing capabilities of Bitcoin and Ethereum a bubble is impossible at this time. George Soros concurred by pointing to the theory of reflexivity. He further pointed out that market conditions are not influenced by equilibrium. Investors and traders are seeking shelter in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, with Bitcoin being embraced as a safe haven asset and digital gold. The time is right for you to get into game.