Roberto Santiago: The Visionary Giving Manira A Space For Family Fun And Entertainment

Roberto Santiago is a businessman and entrepreneur from Brazil who has been part of numerous significant projects in the country. He is best known for being the businessman behind the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, which is one of the biggest of its kind in the area. The mall is famous throughout the country, and people from all over visit the establishment every single day. Roberto Santiago had a big plan in mind for the mall and decided to stay true to everything that he wanted to offer. One of the main things that Roberto Santiago wanted for the mall was for it to be a hub of culture and entertainment. He wanted the mall to be a place where families could come and have a good time doing what they enjoy the most. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has one of the largest ranges of amenities in the country and offers so much more than what regular malls in the country do.


Shopping is always one of the biggest aspects to a mall, and also one of the main reasons why people visit a mall in the first place. Roberto Santiago wanted the mall to have a broad range of shops so that no matter what one was looking for, they would have a chance of finding it here. The mall is home to one of the biggest collection of shops, ranging from local favorites to international brands. From electronics to fashion, one can expect to find almost everything here at the mall. Just like the shops, Roberto Santiago also wanted the mall to have a broad range of eateries. Since people coming to the mall all have different tastes and different foods that they enjoy, Roberto Santiago wanted to offer them a diverse range of cuisine options for them to choose from. But in addition to that, he also wanted to provide something to those people who like to dine in style. The mall has a unique fine dining space with high-end restaurants for a more exquisite dining experience.


When it comes to entertainment options, Roberto Santiago wanted to have something for everyone. He decided to implement a large bowling alley in the mall, complete with multiple lanes for people to enjoy a good game or two. The family has always been one of the most important things to Roberto Santiago, and therefore, he wanted to build a space that would allow families to spend some quality time while being engaged in activities for the entire family. The mall has an extremely large arcade with a wide variety of games for the patrons to choose from.


Last but definitely not the least, the mall is equipped with an eleven screen movie theater, which also shows the latest 3-D movies to give their viewers an incredible theater experience.