How Patty Rocklage Helps Others In Her Community

Throughout her life, Patty Rocklage has sought to help others. To this end, she set out to earn a degree in Psychotherapy and did so at the University of Southern California in 1981. She then moved to the Greater Boston area and began her practice as a marriage and family therapist.

Over the course of her career, she has helped countless individuals and families improve their lives and relationships by working with them in a warm and caring way. She operates out of two offices, one in Sudbury, MA and the other in West Tisbury.

There are a number of issues that Patty Rocklage has experience with helping people to cope with. This includes adoption, family dynamics, divorce, life coaching, and helping people transition through major events in their lives. She also works with children and adolescents and the issues that they tend to go through growing up.

Helping people in other ways is also important to Patty Rocklage. She is involved with a number of community outreach projects. Her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, is a graduate of MIT.

Patty and her husband made a major contribution to this university in order to renovate two important labs involved in nanochemistry and nanotechnology. She also volunteers her time including helping the Sudanese Education Fund.

This is a project which helps those immigrants from Sudan who have resettled in the state of Massachusetts. They need help in a number of areas including housing, education, and locating a job.

In her personal life, Patty Rocklage took the point position when her family needed to completely renovate their home. The home has a large number of issues which they felt the need to be corrected such as a front door that people first coming to the house regularly couldn’t locate.

They also felt that the kitchen was rather isolated from the rest of the home and that there weren’t enough places to sit outside. She hired a local business called Sudbury Companies to do all of the work and she approved each improvement to the home. The result is a practically new home including new landscaping.

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