Are You Protected From Ransomware?

Don’t let Ransomware Hold You, Ransom

With each passing year, the severity and viciousness of cyber attacks are only increasing. There are so many different types of attacks a mobile phone or PC faces, every time it connects to the World Wide Web. Clever hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to attack any device with internet capability. One of the most terrifying types of malware is called ransomware, which works by denying access to the computer until a ransom is paid. Ransomware is easily one of the scariest viruses that can affect a computer. Part of the reason is that it cannot be easily destroyed once it infects the computer (YahooNews).

For many people, cybersecurity is a mysterious issue. Most people just want to turn on their computers and mobile phones and get on with life. It’s only when something bad happens, that they will even look into it seriously. Unfortunately, a lot of times it will be too late by the time something bad happens. That is why you need a company like Rubica on your side. Rubica is an app based personal cyber security product that will stand guard against any unwanted attacks. Once you download and install the app, Rubica will take care of your device.