Doe Deere’s Morning Routine Keeps her on Task

It seems like every successful person has a beauty routine down to an art and Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, shares hers.


Deere starts off every morning at 8:30 a.m. which is when her internal body clock decides it is time for her to get up. She always makes sure to get none hours of sleep every night and accredits it to her clear skin. She starts her day with a big glass of water to help her to stay hydrated in the dry Los Angeles heat. She also does some stretches to keep her limber and to make her back feel good. Her favorite stretch is the cat/camel. She then enjoys a nice breakfast of grits (her very favorite), yogurt, fruit, and freshly squeezed orange juice in her kitchen. She gets her oranges right off of her personal orange tree.


She takes a few moments to look out the window and contemplate the upcoming day and then reviews her calendar on her hone. She touches base with her team at the office so she knows what to expect hen she arrives there around noon. She also reviews her emails throughout the day and her Instagram is always up on her phone. Other than that, she tries to keep her mornings relatively free form technology so she can keep her mind clear and freed up for creative thoughts.


When she begins her beauty routine, she always has her favorite tunes on. At the moment, she is enjoying The Beatles and it reminds her of when she was growing up and she listened to Abbey Lane a lot.


She always begins her beauty routine with Glossier face wash and she loves the mildness and scent of roses. She them applies moisturizer. She especially likes Murad “Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence.” Next, she applies foundation before setting it with powder. She’s been working on her own foundation for her Lime Crime collection. She fills in her brows and then moves onto her cheeks and lips. She prefers to use pink or red-colored blush and bright reds or pinks for her lips. He favorite hues to use are the “Rustic,” Red Velvet,” or the “Pink Velvet” form her line of “Matte Velvetines.”


Her favorite part of her morning routine is applying her makeup and she normally spends around 15 minutes to an hour on it, depending on how she has going on later in the day. Deere always washes her hair in the evening so that it will be dry by morning and she can just get started on styling her waves.


Deere never leaves the house without first spending some quality time with her Persians, Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. She absolutely adores them and they are kings. She then heads off to the office where she has lunch, chats with her team, and holds meetings for a good part of the day. She tries to wrap it up by 6 p.m. but sometimes has to stay later.

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