Karl Heideck Is One Man of Many Skills

What is a Litigator?

A litigator is a type of attorney that carries a lawsuit through the trial process. They are there from beginning to the end. They deal with the disputes before going to court as well. Their job is very intense and can be stressful often times. A litigator has the choice to work in areas like personal injury, real estate, or contracts. They are found in law firms, government agencies, and different businesses. Sometimes they will have their own private practice. The options are far and wide for a litigator.


Educational Requirements

To become a litigator they have to obtain their Bachelors Degree (B.A.) to be able to enter any law school. Then they have to get their Juris Doctor (J.D) degree in law. They also have to pass the bar examination to receive their license to practice.


Litigation Process

A litigation process can become a long and slow process. The plaintiff files a complaint with the court and delivers it to the defendant. The defendant has a specific amount of time to dispute it and give their response to it. If there are no disputes, they are agreeing to a trial in court. The discovery part consists of third parties and everyone giving their sides and information is collected. This is the longest part of the process. Then the trial begins, pleading the case to a judge and/or jury. A judgement is finally made by the judge.


About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an well-rounded attorney that works in risk management and compliance situations. He is skilled in litigation, legal writing, corporate law, product liability, legal research, and as well as, employment. Karl Heideck has 10 years of experience under his belt.


Karl Heideck has an impressive educational background to match his experience. He attended the Swarthmore College to study English and Literature. Then Karl Heideck graduated from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law. He was an honor student upon graduating.

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