Brian Torchin Leverages Social Media in Medical Staffing Business Model

Brian Torchin is the founder of Healthcare Recruitment Councilors, a worldwide medical staffing company. He started the company after spending many years managing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Florida and Delaware.

Now, HCRC takes much of the burden off the in-home staff of the medical offices it serves when it comes to recruiting, interviewing and hiring candidates.

Torchin lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His company serves medical communities throughout the country as well as internationally in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. HCRC’s detail-oriented approach has helped it provide solutions for its diverse clientele.

Many of the 200 clients that the company works with are repeat business or referrals from existing clients, looking to save on the costs associated with hiring top talent into their hospitals and clinics.

On Facebook, Brian Torchin uses the social media platform to gain leverage for his company’s mission. With several links to HRCC job openings on his main page, a job hunter seeking a medical position will be able to simply scroll down the wall display for a range of options.

For hospitals trying to fill a needed position, the use of social media is a powerful tool to access people hunting for jobs like the ones they have open.

The HCRC Facebook Page posts many links to their blog, where they examine questions on staffing, hiring and interviewing candidates.

Despite being busy running the firm, he still takes the time to write many of those blog articles himself and expand the knowledge base of his clients and those in the healthcare staffing industry.

Brian Torchin’s Twitter pages also show his dedication to the HCRC mission. Like the Facebook page, it shows links that job seekers throughout his network area can click on for more information about different areas of the medical field including chiropractor, supervisory physicians, and physician assistant job openings.

He also tweets about seminars and promotes top chiropractors, clinics, and medical practitioners that his company works with.

Before he started HCRC, he earned a degree in Exercise Science and spent several years working as a chiropractor and running different medical clinics.

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