Bruno Jorge Fagali, The Exceptional Lawyer

     Bruno Fagali is famous for being among the founding associates of the FAGALI advocacy firm. He is popular for his reliability and proficiency in the provision of legal services. The concentration of his career is regarding the public as well as the well as Anti-Corruption. He is always in search of customers with management agreements, public obligation procedures and managerial courses, bidding and civil law, directorial improbity engagements, prevalent schedules, supervisory by-law, collective public actions as well as expropriations.

As well, he has established different ways to consistently eliminate the fraudulent persons in firms as well as governments. With the utilization of his experience, Bruno has been able to acknowledge the fact that the fraud is majorly an outcome of abused public resources. The cases in line with fraud have been increasing significantly over a short while back. The fame of Bruno is the provision of the potential remedies that are results oriented upon proper implementation. Bruno Fagali is currently aiding private firms to have clarity. It does this through giving the necessary and sufficient training to its workers in line with ethics as well as the significance of accountability.

Bruno Fagali currently occupies the post of Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/Sb. The firm is Brazilian and dealing with advertisements. Its aids the government as well as international organizations in carrying out such duties. Such companies include the International Labour Organizations and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

His title portion is controlling the organization’s honesty issue. It is for this reason that he supported the establishment of an ethics committee. He has also remained involved regarding the good handling of affiliates as well as the workforces in all levels and workplaces.

Bruno Fagali worked as an intern in different law firms with the need to gain knowledge. Such companies included Associados, Cacil, and Radi. Before working as an intern, he studied at Pontifical Catholic University. It is from this university that he acquired his bachelor’s degree in law.

Up to date, Bruno Fagali has achieved different compliances in the course of time. He was capable of improving his know-how in the year 2009 in line with the parliamentary rule. He also underwent training a year later regarding the state law.

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