Life Line Screening Company Championing for Preventative Quality Health Care

Prevention is better than cure. To Dr. Andrew Manganaro and his entire Life Line screening medical health fraternity this statement is more than a cliché, it is what defines their day-to-day operations. After working for a long time as a cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Andrew Manganaro came to a realization most physicians always get in their line of work, that most deaths would be easily prevented if there was a screening process in the first place. Out of this realization, therefore, the Life Line Screening was born.


At the time of doing his interview with Senior Editor, Lynn Fosse, Dr. Andrew notes that the company has made a tremendous impact in the lives of people. Out of the U.S. population, eight million people had undergone through screening to check their status and prevent the possibilities of asymptomatic diseases from occurring in the body. This is not all, Dr. Andrew Manganaro seat at the Chief Medical Officer position overseeing the quality process of the screening hence ensuring that the 8 million is not just a statistical figure but improved lives and learn more about Life Line Screening.


From the interview, Dr. Andrew Manganaro affirms to the fact that most patients today are responding to preventative treatment more than before. The company is even keen on improving the 8 million figures through its marketing campaign and by preaching the health benefits of preventive health care to the general population. For a company that thrives on technology, Life Line Screening Company (LLS) has invested its resources in improving its equipment with every development to guarantee quality care. Even as LLS continue to gain popularity in the health market and better the life of the citizens in the economy, Dr. Andrew Manganaro is “heartened” by how credible their company has grown in the past few years and more information click here.


About Dr. Andrew Manganaro

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is a trained cardiovascular surgeon with more than 35 years of experience and reputation in the industry. He holds an M.D from New York University Medical School. Dr. Andrew is a researcher with a fascination in preventative treatment and Lifeline’s lacrosse camp.

As at now, Dr. Andrew Manganaro is a Chief Medical Officer at LLS. His duties include overseeing quality assurance processes in the company and the acquisition of equipment and staff to help meet the organization goals.

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