The Difficult Job And Positive Results Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the biggest companies providing detainee communications, government information management solutions and parolee tracking. They currently serve roughly 2,600 correctional facilities located in 45 states. They additionally serve Mexico, Canada and Columbia including over 1,000,000 prisoners nationwide.


Securus Technologies has been recognized as a leader in providing innovative and comprehensive technical solutions and excellent customer service. Their only focus is on filling the specialized needs required by the law enforcement and corrections communities. The headquarters of Securus is located in Dallas, Texas although they also have four regional offices located in Atlanta, Georgia and the Dallas metropolitan area.


Securus Technologies are a for profit business who employ roughly one thousand individuals and have contracts with more than 2,600 United States correctional facilities. Securus has invested well over $600 million in patents, technologies and acquisitions in a three year period. Securus became the leader in international brand management systems in June of 2007.


Securus was responsible for the creation of a system capable of controlling contraband cell phones in prison. By 2016, their Managed Access Solutions was approved in five corrections facilities. In July of 2016 they became partners with the Harris Corporation to establish cell defender technology. Shortly afterward they revealed their Wireless Containment Solution which stopped contraband cell phones from being able to connect to the mobile networks.


Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions designed to keep the public safe. Their monitoring, corrections and investigations were responsible for numerous comments from the facilities they serve. They were in relation to technology being used to prevent and solve crimes and praised the abilities of Securus.


Some of the comments received from jail and prison officials were published in the form of emails and formal letters. They came from the very officials who job it is to prevent crimes and improve the incarceration environment.