A Look at some of the greatest Eco-friendly Destinations to Visit- The Wild Ark Story

If you are planning a holiday trip, you may want to put it into consideration to head to an eco-friendly destination. In doing so, you can have all the fun you desire without a guilty feeling because you know that your being there does not cause havoc to the local culture or environment.



There are lots of places that are eco-friendly and provide you with the utmost fun. For example, you can head to Ljubljana in Slovenia and take a ride in a bus that runs on Natural gas.  Also, if you do not want to compromise on quality, there are luxurious hotels in Costa-Rica that run almost fully on clean energy.



Cost-Rica provides experiences that are life changing which range from swimming alongside sea turtles and learning about banana, cocoa and coffee production. Costa-Rica is also known for its remarkable array of plants and wildlife as well as its natural beauty.



It is also assisted by its sustainability policy which allows it to exploit a clean source of energy from its hydro-electric dams which provide a significant amount of electricity.



Additionally, you can head to Patagonia as it provides some remarkable scenery of snow-capped mountains and Lakes. It has a National Park known as Torres Del Paine which is one of the most undamaged locations on earth.



Due to how crucial eco-friendly locations are, the mission of Wild Ark is to safeguard areas that have been noted to be green belts all over the globe and ensure the potency of these areas is protected as a means of wildlife conservation.



Wild Ark was developed by some conservationists with the passion of teaching individuals about the wild and making efforts to make sure the planet is safeguarded for generations to come.



Wild Ark was established by Sophie and Marl Hutchinson, who alongside their team is bothered about the dangers faced by the wild locations in the world and are actively making efforts on methods to make a difference.


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