George Soros, the Man of the People and Defender of the Weak

Liberal billionaire George Soros is famous for his contribution to society.  He is associated with many nonprofit organizations that that help fight against social norms perpetrated by those in positions of power. He has also spent many years bringing people together for different causes. According to the Washington Times, he has donated huge sums of money to established organizations that fight against social evils.

According to Politico, he spent millions of dollars in funding Hillary Clinton in her race for The White House. Earlier on, he had spent millions of dollars funding the Democratic Party presidential candidate to secure the presidency against George Bush. Mr. Soros is originally from Hungary but was raised in New York City. The Washington Times has reported that the 85-year-old man has amassed a mind-boggling fortune through risky but calculated currency trading.

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George Soros has for many years supported causes that deal with religious tolerance, criminal justice reforms and immigration reform. According to the Washington Times, Mr. Soros has committed around five million euros towards a nonprofit organization that is on the forefront of fighting conservative policies which are geared towards restricting voting.

Soros financial help to activist groups led to the protests seen in Missouri over the extra-judicial killing of one Michael Brown. These protests, later on, came to be known as the Black Lives Matter. It is clear that Mr. Soros holds the interest of the people at heart and has always been willing to spend his own hard earned cash to that effect. Soros funded organizations which helped mobilize people for the protests seen in Fergurson. The protests were also aided by a series of intensive online campaigns. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Mr. George Soros is committed to ensuring that the people are involved in government decision making. He feels that this is the meaning of a truly democratic society. One might say that by seeing what a tyrannical regime can do to people, it made George Soros the man he is today. Other than being a philanthropist, Mr. Soros is the world famous for being the man who broke the Bank Of England.He earned that title through his short sale of $10 billion worth of sterling pounds, making him a big profit of one billion dollars back in 1992. He achieved that impossibility during the Black Wednesday of the United Kingdom’s currency crisis. Read more on

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  1. He has given over $13 billion to charitable associations that guard human rights and vote based system in the course of recent years. He is additionally known for his capacity to make tremendous riches. It is also reasonable for review to carry out something useful for them to get everything they want.

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