Jose Auriemo Neto in CEO Position at JHSF

JHSH has a stellar reputation in the Brazilian real estate sector. The operations it engages in range from hotels to airport development. It also deals with residential developments and hotels. JHSF was started in the 70s and from then kept growing owing to its leadership’s ability to spot opportunities in the market.

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JHSF has the bulk of its investment and developments in Sao Paulo and Salvador. It also has some property in Manaus. The areas of specialization are hotels, malls, restaurants and airports. In the recent past, the company has channeled its energies and competence in hotel development and shopping malls. JHSF integrated many companies in 2006 after it finished restructuring. The integrated companies were the likes of CPIC, Boa Vista, Santa Cruz, JHSF Embodiments, SAES and CAES and JHSF’s lacrosse camp.

JHSF, in a bid to venture into the hotel business, acquired the majority of shares in the Hotel Fasano. Later, JHSF acquired hotel networks run by Fasano. The acquisition cost JHSF ’53 million reais’ and read full article.

Jose Auriemo Neto

The CEO of JHSF is one Jose Auriemo Neto. As CEO he also occupies the office of chairman. This position requires him to exercise oversight on the commercial and household property developments in Brazil. As chief executive, he is required to administer JHSF’s hotel portfolio. He also has to manage the retail chains as well. Overseeing the Cidada Jardim also comes with the title of chief executive. This is a complex in the heart of Sao Paulo. JHSF has other similar complexes in Manaus: ‘Bela Vista’ Ponta Negra and ‘Metro Tucuruv’. JHSF hopes to work on other similar future projects in future.

Jose earned his higher education at the ‘Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University’. After completing his education he began working for JHSF early 1993. Later, after working for JHSF, he decided to launch a service department for the company. In 1997, he went ahead to launch another of the company’s new ventures: The Parkbem. This was a parking management company. These successes earned him the license to launch JHSF’s shopping complex.

Neto is in JHSF’s board as its executive since 2009. He also enjoys an YPO membership since 1999.

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