Troy McQuagge Exceeds Expectations and Impresses Colleagues with One Planet Award

For USHEALTH Group CEO Troy McQuagge, the honor of being the recipient for One Planet’s CEO of the Year is extraordinary. The highly sought-after award is only granted to those individuals or businesses that exemplify excellence in their field. Troy McQuagge stated that though the award was given to him, it is truly a testament to the firm as a whole. Through the combined efforts of his team, they have shown that the USHEALTH Group’s commitment to serving the public by addressing health care reform and other related issues. The company has prospered under Mr. McQuagge’s leadership since he became a part of the team in 2010. USHEALTH experienced a complete turnaround, and the vision of the enterprise changed with the new values of its new CEO.

Troy McQuagge began his career in 1983 with Allstate Insurance, where he sold life insurance to clients. He stayed with Allstate for 12 years before he moved to UICI in 1995. 15 years after his move, he found his calling with USHEALTH Advisors LLC., as President and CEO, where he shifted the company’s focus to help people under 65 years of age. With his influence, the subsidiary of USHEALTH Group flourished, and in 2013, McQuagge was offered the role of Executive Vice President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. He quickly proved his ability in the enterprise, and in 2014, he was promoted to President and CEO of the company where he currently stands and read full articel.

The CEO attributes his success to his team, but it is his drive and passion for the work that he does that truly enables his business to thrive. He is widely regarded as calculating and sure-footed individual when it comes to innovative marketing strategies and revolutionary business models. He is also a prime example of a team player, commending his staff for the hard work that they put in as well as his own. His Twitter feed is full of enthusiasm for the work that he does, and his excitement is contagious to everyone who works with this man. It is no wonder that One Planet has named him the Gold Winner for the CEO of the Year Award and what Troy knows.

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