Wessex Institute of Technology Journals Are Available Online

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) Press produces bi-monthly and quarterly scientific journals which have now been made available online for free without a subscription. Subscribers will also have the added benefit of print editions of every journal. Bi-monthly subscribers will receive six annual issues, while quarterly subscribers will receive four.

Currently, the WIT Press produces seven journal titles internationally, with plans for an eighth to be published in 2018. Topics of the scientific journals provided for free by the WIT Press include:

  • Environmental concerns and efforts towards sustainability
  • Study, maintenance, and repair of cultural heritage sites
  • Development, integration, and improvement of various transport systems
  • Energy production and management
  • Safety and security engineering
  • The relationship between science and the arts
  • Environmental and spatial design, maintenance, and planning

The Wessex Institute of Technology provides a wealth of knowledge through its series of scientific journals which are available for free online. Click here for more more in-depth information on these vast resources!

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