How Julie Zuckerberg started as an Executive Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg started her career as Executive Recruiter in 2002 when she was hired to work for Hudson, which is a company focused on recruitment and talent searching in the United States. There, she recruited attorneys, case managers and support staff for other companies and corporations. Right after she finished her studies, she went to Hudson and stayed there for five years, from 2002 to 2007. She would have a long career ahead of her.


After this period she left Hudson to work on her next company, Citi. There, she served as Executive Recruiter as well and had the duty of manage and analyze the Citi Global Functions’ recruitments and talent acquisition by providing intel and insight on them. In this company she was much more relevant than in the previous one, having a lot more duties like managing equity buyouts and handling complications with international relocation. She was solely in charge of the international relocating where she was given the task of recognizing talents internationally.


After almost four years with Citi Global Functions, she was changed to work as Executive Recruiter in for CitiCards and Citi Global Consumer Bank instead. There she worked for two additional years and would be rewarded with the position of vice-president of that sector. This promotion meant a huge boost to her career. Her job at Citi not only allowed her to become a better profession and gather more experience in recruitment but also was the biggest factor that allowed her to gain exposure to working in more firms in the future.


Deutsche Bank and her recruiting strategies


Having graduated in philosophy from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College, a lot happened between her departure from college and her position in the Deutsche Bank. Having started at Hudson and leading up to Citi for a total work time of 6 years and two moths, she still had another company to serve before she would be the next Executive Recruiter for Deutsche.


In 2013, right after her position in Citi, she entered the New York Life Insurance Company as the Recruitment Lead Manager as well as the Vice-President of that corporation. Here she was responsible for leading teams of recruitment and sourcing. She offered talent strategy planning as in her other workplaces, but she soon left after four years inside the company. She was going to the national Deutsche Bank. Her experience in hiring employees with equal jobs got her the position to be hiring employees for the banking industry. Among her recruitment strategies, she always pays close attention to placement offices, other recruiters, what other recruitment companies are doing as well as having a close relationship with universities.


Julie Zuckerberg, however, isn’t just about recruiting new talents. She has already spoken about her hobbies and personal interests as well, including what she does when she is not working. She enjoys photography and art a lot and loves spending time outdoors, especially running and taking pictures of the environment. Her strategies to having an open conversation with her employees when recruiting has led her to be recognized as a very smiley and energetic person.


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