Eduardo Melzer Takes The Long Road To Success At RBS Group

The Brazilian media executive Duda Melzer has spent much of his career exploring the many different options available in the media industry for developing new technologies that will be used to make sure any company he is working for has the largest chance of success. Born Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer and nicknamed Duda, the now President and Chairperson of the RBS Group completed his Brazilian education and set out to reach the zenith of the business world by extending his education with a period of time spent in the U.S.; the educational career of Duda Melzer now includes two postgraduate degrees awarded by Harvard Business School. Visit clicrbs for more details.

Melzer has made sweeping changes to the RBS Group since slowly taking on a more important range of responsibilities with the company across the 21st century. Duda Melzer has spent a large period of time looking to develop new technologies that will be important for the future of the company, which Melzer believes will provide a great deal of benefit for the company as the group is looking to create a range of new areas of focus for the future. Video and audio options are being explored by the RBS Group as educational tools that will develop the company as a global leader in training options regardless of language or other issues. Check out his website

The experience Duda Melzer brings to the work he completes with the RBS Group includes a period of time spent working in New York in accordance with the wishes of his family, who believe any member of the family wishing to take part in the RBS Group must seek experience on a global level to become an important part of the future of the company. Duda Melzer’s work has taken on new levels of importance as he has expanded the business of the Sirotsky family to include the development of the Online wine industry across Latin America.

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