How Whitney Wolfe Built A Dating App That Fits Everyone’s Needs And Surpasses All Judgements

Countless people hate dating apps because of the fact that they have been over-sexualized. Whitney Wolfe has explained that her app, Bumble, is clearly just another app just like a bar is just a bar. You make the most of what it is. It’s a place to be who you are, meet people, and simply get the chance to know others. It is up to you to decide how to use the app as it is, and those who don’t want to hook up can clearly avoid such options.

Whitney Wolfe is a woman behind this app who supports all reasons behind using her app, but she knows she has built Bumble to become a lot classier than any other apps on the mainstream media stage.

Understanding that there are so many different apps, she founded this one to help women. She wanted to empower women and put them on a level playing field between men. In a time and place where men are the powerful ones always calling the shots on who they want; now the women can do exactly that and choose which guys that she matched she wants to speak to, because on this app guys are not able to initiate conversations.


Bumble actually takes this idea very seriously, especially because Whitney Wolfe did in fact want to make this an app specifically for women. She wanted to make sure this was a feminism focused app that made women feel like they could call the shots. Bumble is by far one app that supersedes the needs for men and women wanting to find the right people. It’s also a very easy app to use that delivers results and brings people together. Friendships and dates abound on this app where Wolfe says, everybody has a chance on finding the right person.

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