Nationwide Title Clearing is Serving American Financial Institutions

Nationwide Title Clearing is considered an expert in document processing, audit, and research. A wide range of lenders, servicers, and country’s largest investors uses the services of the company. According to Tampa Bay Times, Nationwide Title Clearing is among the top hundred workplaces from 2011 to 2016. The headquarter of the company is in Palm Harbor, Florida. It operates in Pinellas County at a campus consisting of five buildings. The company was founded in the year 1991, and gradually it transformed into the biggest assignment provider and lien release in the world. Originally the company was based in California, but in 2002 it was relocated to Palm Harbor.


In five states of the US, NTC has almost six hundred employees. NTC has document and land records experts who can track and fulfill the document requirements of the county for more than thirty-six hundred recording jurisdictions across the country. The mission of the Nationwide Title Clearing is to provide the most accurate research services and document processing which helps mortgage banking industry and protects homeowners while preserving the land records of the nation.


NTC has more than seventy percent of eRecord Rate, less than one percent Reject Rate, and more than ninety-nine percent Compliance Rate. The company maintains a list of more than hundred training courses which pertain almost fifty different positions within the organization. Some positions within NTC requires up to ten additional courses which can require a time of months for completion. More than sixty percent of NTC employees are engaged in some training which is directly associated with their positions. In 2015, more than two hundred employees were engaged in cross-training or advancement training.


Nationwide Title Clearing is committed to serving different communities in the region of Tampa Bay. The company firmly believes in actively helping for the expansion of businesses and regional economy. The research services of the company include Final Document Processing, Document Retrieval, and Nationwide Abstractor Services. The reports services include Assignment Verification Report, Assignment Verification Xpress, Current Owner/O&E Report, Lien Verification Report, and Tax Status Report. The Audits & Remediation services include Collateral File Audits and Remediation. NTC enjoys helping to build local community. The company works with customers and suppliers for the reduction of environmental impacts.


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  1. To avoid data loss, the Dallas-based office of the company in Texas has a new data center. It is done by the provision of paperless documents whenever it is possible. I would also like them to write papers for me and present it before the board there at Texas.

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