Author and Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a well known historian of American civil war arms. He is also known as an author who has written a number of novels about the samurai era of Japan as well as the Civil War era. As well as being a weapons expert and author, Michael has produced a documentary film along with participating in a number of philanthropic activities.

Michael Zomber’s career has spanned over four decades which shows that he has lots of experience in his field. With the experience and expertise he has acquired over the years, he has established himself as one of the top historians of the American Civil War.

On this station, he was able to talk about his knowledge and expertise of guns from the Civil War era. Learn more about Michael Zomber:

This has helped him earn a considerable amount of recognition as a weapons historian. His other accomplishments have been in writing. Zomber has written a couple of novels that tell stories during the civil war and the samurai era of Japan. Another one of Michael’s accomplishments has been in education where he completed a graduate degree in English literature.

One of the main things that make Michael a well known individual is his books and documentaries. During his career, Michael wrote two novels that take place during the Civil War period. In one of these novels, Zomber tells the story about a Kentucky based farmer who refuses to own and use slaves.

The farmer’s decision resulted in social consequences right before the war began. Another novel, Michael wrote about talked about a man returning home to his daughter right after the war and coping with his injuries. His books about the samurai era talk about the values of the samurai as well as the lifestyle and culture of the time.

According to White Pages, Michael Zomber made a documentary film about the samurai era as well. With his novels and documentary film, Michael Zomber has been able to provide a number of people with valuable insight into these two distinct times in history.

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