The Life and Career of Julie Zuckerberg

Talent management, talent leadership, executive search and talent acquisition, just to mention a few, these are some of the skills that Julie Zuckerberg has managed to specialize with in her distinguished career. Having attended the New York Law School for her law degree and City University of New York-Brooklyn College for her degree in Philosophy, Julie Zuckerberg landed the job of her dreams at the Hudson. Other than just business and work, Julie Zuckerberg loves outdoor activities and supporting charitable causes. During her free time, Julie Zuckerberg is known to organize coaching and counseling platforms for employees in the recruiting industry. Some of her other interests include economic empowerment, animal welfare, civil rights, culture, and arts as well as social action.


At Hudson, she was the director of candidate placement and had many responsibilities that were not limited to recruitment of paralegals, attorneys and case managers. It was also her responsibility to recruit temporary positions for the company while at the same time letting the new employees learn about their work condition, benefits, and opportunities regarding promotion. Whenever a conflict arose between a client and a customer or between fellow work mates, it was her responsibility to ensure the two reconcile. Simply put, she was in charge of coaching employees, counseling them and conflict resolution at the Hudson.


Looking for a new venture and challenge, Julie Zuckerberg left Hudson and joined the Citi Company as the vice president executive recruiter.  She also assumed the capacity of advising her bosses on the best recruiting strategies they would employ. On advising the bosses, she told them about possible competitive markets, compensation trends as well as the importance of talent acquisition. When Citi had complex job offers on the table, it was her responsibility to negotiate on behalf of the company. Needless to say, these job offers included immigration, relocation, deferred awards as well as clawbacks and equity buyouts. In the capacity of the executive recruiter, she was responsible for sourcing talent on a global scale. Finally, her other responsibilities included candidate vetting and fee negotiation.


After six years with the company, Julie switched to another company called New York Insurance Company as the experienced hire recruiting lead as well as the corporate vice president. At this position, her responsibilities included managing the recruitment process as well as the team involved. This meant that she rubbed shoulders with the team project managers and the recruiters. The position also meant that she was responsible with talent strategy planning as well as offer execution and development.


As of today, Julie Zuckerberg has a wealth of experience and works for a company called Deutsche Bank as the executive talent acquisition lead. As her title suggests, she is charged with strategic training and coaching of the recruitment team. She is expected to advise the hiring governance as well as the executive committee on the best recruitment practices to use. Finally, it’s her responsibility to recruit talent on behalf of the company.

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