Fabletics’ Fabulous Rise of Popularity Challenges Amazon

Founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an athletic clothing brand made to not only feel comfortable but to look good while exercising. Launched on October 1 2013, Fabletics has risen to popularity and made a home for itself online. Now, in its stores as of fall of 2015, while taking on Amazon (which controls about 20% of e-commerce in the fashion department). The brand may seem like it costs quite a bit of money, but it is affordable, starting only at $10 USD for complete sets for new VIP members only. As of June 2015, Fabletics Launched a men’s’ line of sportswear. Hudson, along with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, created a brand to have a line of sportswear that was fashionable, high quality, and affordable. Like some brands of clothing, such as AdoreMe, Fabletics sells more subscription-based than to just anyone like regular clothing brands who don’t require a paid subscription to shop.



Kate Hudson began her career by wanting to make women want to exercise by providing fashionable athletic wear that is affordable and available to women of all ages and sizes. Hudson herself is fanatic about exercising and wanted to share that with the world. Creating this brand helped her achieve her dream of entering the world of fashion. What better way to do that than make that style of fashion be about something she loves to do. While Kate Hudson began this venture by combining both her loves for fashion as well as physical fitness, she’s extended those passions into a remarkable – and industry-changing – company, and brand.



Fabletics uses the tactic of “reverse showrooming,” or web rooming, to promote their clothing and have a successful brand. Webrooming is the process of browsing online and buying in-store. This helps customers see what companies like Fabletics have to offer before going into the store to make their purchase. Fabletics is a perfect example of web rooming since they first started online only then eventually made their way to a brick-and-mortar store, thus allowing shoppers to browse online then but in-store.



The founders of Fabletics get to know the markets and build relationships in the fashion industry through events and other activities. This has caused a net effect of achieving 30-50% of its customers already members; 25% become members in-store. The brand appeals to customers’ tastes and trends and stocks clothing based on that data, changing the stock when trends change with the seasons.



The brand is growing at a 35% rate per year, competing with Amazon in the fashion department at an affordable price. Whether a customer shops online or at their physical store, Fabletics is ready to give their customers an experience they could never forget. It is possible it can become more popular than other athletic brands such as Under Armor and Brooks, but it has already surpassed the two mentioned brands on affordability. Eventually, Fabletics will become THE brand to go to when shopping for comfortable, fashionable, and affordable athletic wear.



Thanks for reading this article on Kate Hudson’s successful business Fabletics, and hopefully the facts and figures illuminate how this revolutionary brand is competing with industry giants in only a few short years. Who knows what combinations of your own personal passions might yield such impressive results?

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